February 2011

Display Menu Bar in Firefox

Dear Computer Lady, I use Mozilla Foxfire and have Windows XP. I did something? that caused me to lose the top toolbar that allowed me to print , print preview, bookmark, etc. How do I get it back?!! Kris

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Grouping Programs

Dear Computer Lady, I would like to group my programs, such as “Printing and Graphics” “Computer Maintenance” etc. in my all programs list. I used to do this with Win98, but have not figured out how on Win 7. Can you please help? Thanks, Lesa

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Email Stripper Freeware

Dear Computer Lady    Good morning from Wisconsin!       Shortly after discovering your newsletter many years ago, I downloaded a program called “email stripper” to my Windows XP desktop.        A year and a half ago, I purchased a laptop with Vista Home Premium installed.  This is now my only computer, the desktop having bit the […]

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