October 2014

How To Get Rid of Start Saving BHO

[ad]Dear Computer Lady, I have somehow acquired an add-on called Start Saving BHO. It has literally taken over my internet service, especially my e-mail. I use Internet Explorer 11 right now as my primary. I also have Chrome. This add-on is on both. When I try to disable it, disable is not allowed. I have […]

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How To Get Rid of PC Cleaner

[ad]Dear Computer Lady, A program PC Cleaner has attached itself to my Computer and try as I may I cannot delete it. Do you have any suggestions? Appreciate your input. Cliff

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Google Mail Advertisements

Dear Computer Lady, Long, long time follower here – thanks for sharing your wonderful knowledge with us! I have a Google email address that I use, and it bothers me that I will see ads reminiscent of sites I’ve looked up. That is invasive to me and I don’t like it because I handle my […]

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