September 2018

Are Encrypted Files Dangerous?

Hello Computer Lady. You are such a help to both newbies and experienced. My question is actually for my wife. She, unfortunately, encountered a ransomware bug a couple years ago. It encrypted her photos and documents. She didn’t pay the ransom. Since then she has used the same computer but is lax about backing the […]

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How To Use Gmail in Your Email Program

Dear Computer Lady, We are farmers in the middle of nowhere Iowa. Our only options for internet are phone line at less than 56k or fixed broadband. We had Verizon broadband but they discontinued service. Next was a midwest company that got bought up by Rise broadband. We had just horrible service with this. Now […]

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Zoom Keeps Changing Web Page Size

Dear Computer Lady, Thank you for all of the information you share with us. I’ve learned a lot from your answers to questions posed by your readers. I have Windows 10 and I’m going crazy! Zoom is almost constantly changing the size of the web page without my using the zoom setting. It doesn’t matter […]

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