Best Free Antivirus

Dear Elizabeth,

I love, love, love your web site.

Please tell me what is the best free anti virus.

Thank you so very much, Gladys

Dear Gladys,

Thank you, I’m glad you find my web site helpful.

In my opinion, the best anti virus program is AVG Internet Security. It is not free, but it protects you against more than just viruses.

In the past few months, I have not worked on a computer infected with an actual virus, instead, I have repaired dozens of computers that were damaged by fake antivrus programs and other types of malware.

If you can’t afford the full version, then AVG still has a free version. At the moment, it is AVG Anti-Virus Free 2012.

You can see the differences between the two programs on their website.


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    • MardiK
    • January 12, 2012


    I do computer repair. Malware infections are the most common problem that I find. For Windows users, I have been installing Microsoft Security Essentials (free) and Malwarebytes (Pro) and my customers have no problems. But, Microsoft recently added free malware protection to Microsoft Security Essentials. It is hard to beat free when it works really well and this does.

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