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Dear Computer Lady,

I was wondering if you could help me out.

I recently purchased a Netbook and I am trying to find out if there is free software for Anti virus plus anything else you might suggest I have to protect it?

It came with Kaspersky. I’ve never heard of that one. I tried to download it and didn’t get very far.

I’ve looked around the internet and found a lot free TRIALS but couldn’t find anything that was down and out free.

Thanks! Sue


Dear Sue,

I have heard of Kaspersky, but I have not used it so I can’t really tell you much about it. I have heard some good recommendations for Kaspersky though.

There are still a couple of free antivirus programs, but, I would think twice before I depended on only free antivirus programs to protect my computer. I am currently using AVG Internet Security 2011 on my computers, and it continues to keep me protected from all kinds of malware.

You can purchase a decent internet security program for about $50. If you compare this to the cost of getting infected with one of the common malware programs out there. You could lose the use of your computer while it is getting fixed, the cost of removing the malware could be a hundred dollars or more, and you might lose your data (documents, pictures, music, etc.) in the process. Purchasing a good Internet Security program is far less expensive than getting infected.

AVG does have a free version at . It protects against viruses, but not everything that the paid versions protect you from.

Good luck with your new netbook


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    • Polly
    • March 17, 2011


    A free anti-virus, malware etc. program is Microsoft Security Essentials. It can be downloaded at:

    Just a suggestion for you to pass on.

    You provide all of us with very helpful newsletters. Thank You.

    • rgh43
    • March 19, 2011

    Per your recommendation I have used AVG Internet Security (3 User) for 3 years know, great program. I’m on 2011 version now. I have managed to get it at FRY’S for “FREE” after rebates except the sales tax. If you have a Fry’s in your state try it or they are online at


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