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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I updated which I had purchased originally. I kept getting pop-ups after I did this.

I tried to contact them and I ended up with a company called and a service in the Uk called guru.

I gave control to the person and I became concerned about giving control to the about removing my pop-up! I thought I was getting help from AVG !

Did I compromise my computers information?
Thanks, Ray

Dear Ray,

I don’t believe that AVG has phone support, only email and online chat support, so if you found the phone number for this GuruAid after doing an online search, you were most likely not getting help from AVG.

Just out of curiosity, I did a search for GuruAid and found lots on complaints online, mostly from people who thought they were contacting the support department of a major company like Microsoft, McAfee or Norton.

Remember that anyone can put up a web page listing their phone number as the support number for a company.

When you are searching for contact information for a company, don’t just google it. Make sure you get the number from the actual company website. So, for example, if you are looking for support for AVG, make sure you are at the website.

I am always a little wary about giving control of my computer to anyone. I don’t provide remote services, and I would have to be ABSOLUTELY SURE that a person was from the company that I needed help from before I gave them control of my computer. They could install any number of programs on my computer while they are running it, anything from a program that collects passwords, to a keylogger that tracks everything you type.



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