Can’t Recover Data From Backup

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Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us; especially those of us up in years who have trouble with many concepts of computing!

My question is this: My hard drive failed on my Dell computer, Windows 7, but I had backed up all my files on a WD external hard drive.

When I try to transfer those files to my new computer, Windows 8.1, I cannot. When I try I am asked which app I wish to use. Of course, I have no idea what app to use.

Is there a way to run the .bkf files to recover my data?
Thanks in advance for your help, Shelia

Dear Shelia,

Yes, there is a way to run those files, all you need is the original program that you used to back them up.

A quick search for the .bkf file format only showed a backup program that came with Windows XP, which doesn’t sound like your situation.

A possible solution would be to try a program called, NTBackup available from Microsoft.

It is possible that you used the Western digital software that came on your external hard drive, if that is the case, you will need to install that backup program on your new computer and then recover your files.

This is one of the reasons that I like to use a commercial backup program like Acronis True Image. You only need to install the same backup software on your new computer in order to be able to restore the files.

This is also the reason that I backup files for my customers manually, the files are not encrypted in a backup file, instead they are in folders and accessible just like they would be on your computer.



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