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Dear Computer Lady,

I need to move the programs and files from my old computer to my new computer. The old one is Windows 10 Home 64bit. The new one is Windows 10 Professional 64bit.

I was wondering if you would know of a good migration program I could use to move all the info using a cable hookup like usb3 or maybe a cat6. I was thinking of using Z Install Winwin . Is this a reputable company ? I’ve read some bad reviews and some very good ones.

Thank you for all your time and help.
Respectfully, Roger

Dear Roger,

I have a great program you can use to move the data and settings from your old computer to the new one. It is called, Fab’s AutoBackup and you can find it at:

I use the professional version all the time in my business, but they also have an affordable home version.

Fab’s will automatically backup and restore all your personal folders like documents and pictures, along with your browser settings, email data and settings, and a long list of other things that I don’t have space to list here. All you need is a USB drive or network attached storage to transfer.

I have not heard of or used the software that you mentioned, but I have heard good things about EaseUS at: I have not used it myself, as I prefer to install programs manually on a new computer.

I hope this helps, Elizabeth


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