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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have been reading your e-zine for quite a while now and I love it as I have learned a lot. But, I am up there in age and not too computer savvy.

What I really need to learn is how to put pictures in ‘The Cloud’. I have a bunch of pictures that I emailed to myself, plus a lot on my phone that I want to put somewhere where I can go to look at them or retrieve them without them being on just my computer.

The reason I want to do this is because I had just downloaded all the pics from my phone to my computer one day and the very next day my computer got fried from lightning! I lost all the pics of my grandkids and wasn’t too happy about it. Plus, I had to fork over money for another computer!

If you could just talk me through it, I would be forever grateful to you.

Thank you so much! Jackie

Dear Jackie,

When you put your pictures or other files in the “Cloud” what you are really doing is storing them on another computer, belonging to a company that offers cloud storage, somewhere across the internet.

Your first step in storing your pictures in the cloud is to select the company you want to work with.

Online backup services like Carbonite will backup your files automatically to their servers (in the cloud) for a reasonable yearly fee.

Microsoft has a cloud storage service called OneDrive that has a small amount of free storage space, which you can then pay to increase if needed.

There are many other cloud storage services available like Dropbox, Google Drive, pCloud and others. Some are easy to use, and others require a little bit more knowledge.

In your case, I would suggest Carbonite. Once you have downloaded the program, the install wizard will ask you what kind of files you want to backup, then find the files and automatically back them up for you.



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    • mrshvd3
    • January 5, 2016

    Jackie — One other bit of advice, from the Computer Lady through me…..when you hear thunder or expect lightning, UNPLUG! Even the best, top of the line surge protector with the best, top of the line guarantee isn’t enough. When you unplug the computer and components, it’s like they’re tucked away in the box, safe and sound. Computer Lady, that is one of the best pieces of advice I ever read in your newsletter, and I think of you and thank you for it every time I hear thunder, shut down and unplug.
    Best wishes, Lucille.

    • ron007
    • January 5, 2016

    Carbonite is a paid service. With MS OneDrive you get 5GB for free (for each email account you use/create). with Google “MyDrive” you get 15GB for free.

    Even “only” 5 GB is a lot of space. Probably more than enough for a casual photographer like yourself. The number of pictures you can store depends on the “resolution” you create them with. I have 5000 pictures, many with “higher” than average resolution that you would use. In all, they take up UNDER 1GB.

    Once you pick your “cloud” storage site you just have to follow their instructions to “upload” the pictures, either directly from your camera or via your computer (copy from camera to computer, then from computer to cloud).

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