How To Backup iPhone Photos

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I have over 3000 photos on my iPhone 4s. Should i put them on my computer or onto a disk? There are too many for one disk. How would I do this ?


Dear Kathy,

You should always have more than one copy of your important files, so if these photos are important to you, yes, you should put them on your computer, on one or more disks or both.

Your first step is to get the pictures on your computer. There are a couple of ways to do this, one is to use iTunes on your computer, then plug in your phone and sync the photos using iTunes.

I have all the photos on my iPhone backed up to iCloud, and then use on my computer to access my photos. This way, the pictures are on my phone, on my computer, and backed up on iCloud.

Another way to get them off your phone is to email them as attachments, but with over 3000 photos, that would be very time consuming.

Once you have the photos on your computer, you should be able to easily back them up to an optical diks like a CD or DVD, or back them up to an external hard drive.


I use Roxio Creator to put files on optical disks, and I usually just drag and drop files when using external drives.



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