How To Manage Backup Space

Dear Computer Lady,

Is there any way of automatically having the computer add a new backup and delete the oldest one simultaneously?
Usually I get a warning my backup external drive is almost full, and I have to manually delete older files.


Dear Sam,

There is a way of automatically having the computer delete older backups when it creates new ones, all you have to do is have the right backup program.

My favorite local backup program is Acronis True Image. The reason I like is because Acronis has all kinds of options for backing up. Using Acronis, you can set backup size limits, or limit the number of older backups you want to keep.

Acronis True Image 2017

You can make a full backup image of your hard drive (if you have space) or just select the files and folders you want to backup. You can set more than one backup plan to run automatically, you can even backup to more than one location.

No matter what kind of backup you choose, you can always use Acronis to recover any or all of the files and folders in the backup.

Acronis will work with any external hard drive, you have or purchase in the future.

I hope this helps you with your backup.



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