How To Transfer Favorites, Contacts & Links

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I bought a new computer running Windows 8.1. I’m learning new things.

I transferred almost all of my info from my older computer, running Vista, but it won’t let me transfer 3 files, favorites, contacts and links. HELP!!

Thanks you for all of your help in the past.


Dear Jay,

I’m not sure what you used to do your transfer, but I can help you copy your favorites, contacts and links from one computer to the other.

On your old computer you will need to open two explorer windows. One for a temporary storage device like a USB drive, and the other for your computer. Place the two windows side by side on your desktop so that you can see the contents of each folder.

On the window for your computer, go to your C: drive and open it.

On your C: drive, you should see a folder called, “Users” double click to open it, then double click on your user name (the one that you use when you log into your computer)

You should now see a folder containing your documents folder, along with your favorites, contacts and links.

Now, drag each folder that you want to transfer from the C: drive window to the external hard drive window, the computer will copy that folder and all sub-folders to the external hard drive.

When you have finished copying the files, take the USB drive to your new computer, and repeat the steps above, only this time copy from the USB drive to your new computer’s hard drive.



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