Karen’s Directory Printer

Dear Computer Lady,

A few years ago, you suggested a free download that would let me print screen and capture all the files I had under a particular folder.  I have a new computer and can’t remember the name and am not able to google it yet.  Do you remember what it is?  

Thanks, Michele

Dear Michele,

I am pretty sure you are talking about a free program named, Karen’s Directory Printer.

Karen’s Directory Printer can be found at:


Over the years, I have heard from many readers who have used this helpful little program. It does one job, and does it very well. Karen’s Directory Printer can print the name of every file on a drive, along with the file’s size, date and time of last modification, and attributes (Read-Only, Hidden, System and Archive)! In addition, the list of files can be sorted by name, size, date created, date last modified, or date of last access.

Many people find this program very useful for keeping track of the files and folders on a backup disk. If I create a set of CDs with my documents stored on them, usually, I write the date and name of the folder something like this: (My Documents 2007) .

If I am using Karen’s Directory Printer, I can include a complete listing of the files and folders on the disk, along with the file size, and date it was last changed. This makes it much easier to find the file I might be looking for.


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