Online Backup Plans

Dear Computer Lady,

Do you have any recommendations for online back services?

I’m researching Carbonite and Mozy, but wondered if there were any better/less expensive providers.

Thanks! K


Dear K,

I use both Carbonite and Mozy here. I have Carbonite on my workbench computer, and Mozy on my desk computer. Both of them work great.

Carbonite Never Worry About Your Backup Again

Mozy has a new feature called, Mozy Stash, which allows you to sync a folder between multiple computers. Here is what their website says about Stash:

“Stash keeps files up to date on each of the computers you regularly use. Any file in your Stash stays up to date on every computer you link to your Stash. No more emailing files to yourself. No more USB flash drives.”

Protect Your Computer Files

Both companies have similar pricing plans, and both work automatically in the background while your computer is running so that you never have to worry about backing up.


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