Saved By My Backup


Dear Computer lady. 

Just wanted to let you know that the Carbonite Online Back up is worth it’s weight in gold. I have writing two novels and about a dozen short stories and always save them after every update or revision (I thought) After not working on any of my writing for a few weeks I was going to work on one of the novels and it was GONE! Some how I had deleted it when I last worked on it.


The last time I worked on it I stopped when it was very late and I was very tired too so I was careless when I supposedly saved it and saved a very old version over my newest one. I was frantic until I remembered that I had purchased the Carbonite program. Whee! *Wiping my brow*

I clicked on the icon in my toolbar and tada! In only a few minutes I reinstalled the most recent version of my manuscript that I had saved with no trouble at all, with only minimal loss of the most recent update. I am so grateful that I had the Carbonite program installed. I would have lost at least a quarter of my book if I had not invested in this wonderful program. 

I recommend it to everyone who has important documents/pictures stored on their PC. I save important information and pictures to Carbonite and at the same time I save to a pocket drive as a further backup but even doing that I could have easily saved an older version of my story over my newest work on my pocket drive and without Carbonite I would have lost too much of my most recent work. Thank you for recommending this wonderful program. Worth every penny.

Thanks again, Trudy from California

PS Wordweb is great too and your suggestions, hints and problem solving. What a great site. Keep up the good work.  

Dear Trudy,

Thank you for sharing your story! Many people believe that things like this will never happen to them, but as you have experienced first hand, it is always good to be prepared with a good backup!


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