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Dear Computer Lady,

Recently I was saving a copy of the 911 Commission Report onto floppies. All were in PDF format. One section was 2 mb, way too large for a floppy! So, I tried to copy (write) them to a CD. This would not work, which YOU probably know. When I wrote Adobe, they merely said to use an appropriate program. What is THE or AN appropriate program and could you describe the procedure?

Thank you, Ken


Dear Ken,

Many people mistakenly assume that saving files on a CD is done in the same manner as saving files to a floppy disk. Unfortunately, there is more to saving on CDs than just dragging and dropping files.

If you want to save large files, and want to keep it as easy as floppies, consider getting a USB thumb drive, or if you have a card reader for small cards that go in digital cameras, get a couple of extra cards for file storage. You can just drag and drop files on and off these types of media.

To save files on a CD, you need a CD burning program. Windows XP will write to a CD, but it is not as easy, and I have found problems with XP that don’t occur in other programs. There are quite a few CD burning programs out there, from free programs to very expensive. The two big names you will see most often are “Easy CD Creator” by Roxio and Nero.


At the moment, the Nero software is a bit easier to use, but Roxio will shorten file names that are too long for a CD while Nero just tells you that the file names are too long and cannot be put on the CD. You have to go in and shorten them yourself.


With both programs, you click that you want to make a data CD, then drag and drop files into the CD creation window. There will be some sort of scale telling you how much space the files will take up on the CD and how much space you have left. All standard CDs will hold at least 650MB many now hold 700.  

Once you have added all the file you want on the CD, you just click the button that says “Burn”.

There is more to each program, but I will have to save that for detailed tutorials on the future.



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