Saving Floppys to CD

Dear Computer Lady,

I was on your list of subscribers for several years, but recently changed from Windows 98 to XP. You have a great way of making a hard task sound simple.

I join all of the others in thanking you for a great job.

I do have one question.  I have spend hours trying to find out if a midi 31/2 floppy can be burned to a CD.  Years of music technology have left me with many, many of these, and it would be a great help if it is possible.


Dear DB,

Yes, the midi files can be put on a CD. You can also put other types of files that are stored on floppy disks onto CDs. Here is the best way to start the process.

You can fit the contents of many floppy disks onto one CD, so the first thing to do, is copy the files from the floppy disks onto a folder on your hard drive. From that folder, you can make your CD.

To start with, create a folder on your desktop, you can name it something like “Midi CD” or whatever you want. 

To make the folder, right click on a blank spot on your desktop. A menu will appear, point to the word “New” and then in the sub- list that appears, click on “Folder”. Type the name of your folder, followed by the enter key.

Now that you have your folder on your desktop, double click on it to open the folder. It will be empty. At this point, you can follow the directions above to create sub-folders to organize your midi files in if you wish.

Next, put the first floppy in your floppy drive, and open it up by clicking on “My Computer” and then double click on the floppy drive icon in the “My Computer” window.

If you want to be able to easily see both the CD folder and the floppy contents, right click on a blank spot on your taskbar, and then click “Tile Windows Vertically” this will put both windows side by side on your screen.

Now, drag the midi files from the floppy window to the CD window. This will create a copy of the files in the CD folder. 

Repeat the steps above with your other floppy disks, using folders to organize the midi files in the CD folder.

Once you have all the files in your CD folder, you can use the CD burning software that came with your computer to burn a data CD. Even though you have musical midi files in the folder, you still want to make a data CD. Music CDs are only for making CDs that you can play in a music CD player.


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