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Dear Computer Lady,

I have been using Carbonite on a trial basis. Many of my important files are in TreePad which is not in My Documents, but in Program Files on my computer. How can I get Carbonite to back these files up? I tried dragging the whole TreePad folder to My Documents in Windows Explorer, but then couldn’t open any of the files, so I had to put it back in Program Files again. 

Thanks so much for all of your help!!

Marilyn in St. Louis


Dear Marilyn,

When you install Carbonite, it automatically backs up files that are located in My Documents, and a few other common places where data files are likely to be located.  You can, however, tell Carbonite to back up any files on your computer that you desire.

Since you want to backup TreePad files that are located in the Program files, you can follow these directions:

1. Click on “Start” and then click on “My Computer” (or “Computer” if you are using Vista)

2. Double click on your C: drive

3. Double click on the “Program Files” folder.

4. Right click on the “TreePad” folder.

5. In the context menu that appears, point to “Carbonite” and then click on “Back This Up”

6. A yellow dot will appear on the folder which will turn green when the files are all backed up.

7. I would double click on the folder to make sure there is a green dot next to all your important files since there are some types of file that Carbonite does not automatically backup.

You can also save your TreePad data files in your “My Documents” folder. I keep mine there because it is easier to backup and transfer the files.

The first step in saving your TreePad files in the “My Documents” folder is to create a “TreePad” folder in My Documents.

1. Click on “Start” then click on “My Documents” (or “Documents” if you are using Vista)

2. Right click on a blank spot in the “My Documents” window.

3. Point to “New” in the context menu that appears, then click on “Folder”.

4. Type a name for your folder (I named mine, TreePad) and press the enter key.

Now that you have created a TreePad folder  in your documents, you need to move your data files to the new location. There are a couple of ways you can do this. First, you can drag them to the new folder, which it sounds like you have already attempted to do, or you can open each file and save it in the new location. If you use the “Save As” item in the “File” menu, you would want to go back and delete the original file so that you don’t become confused as to which file you are using.

If you want to drag the files to your new folder, find only the data files and drag them to the new folder. I am going to use a treepad file that I have called “Daily Planner” for an example.

1. Open the “TreePad” folder that you created in your “My Documents” folder, and move the window to one side of the screen.

2. Open the TreePad folder in your program files folder.

3. Find the files that are named, “Daily Planner” in this folder. There might be only one, but there could be as many as three.

4. Drag these, Daily Planner files to the new “Treepad” folder in your documents.

5. Repeat this process for any other TreePad files that you have created.

Once you have moved the files, you would want to double click on them to open them from the new location, or TreePad won’t know where to look for them.


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