Trusting Carbonite

Dear Computer Lady,

I saw where you use Carbonite back-up.

My question, how do we know that the company can’t/won’t use our information that we send to the backup site?

I seem to get virus more than I should and would like to try it, but want to know about their security.

Thanks, Shirley


Dear Shirley,

After doing a little bit of research about Carbonite, I have found that they use the same type of online security that most banks use.

This means that if someone outside of the Carbonite company was to get ahold of your information, it would probably be because you either shared your password with someone, or did not have a very secure password.

I think that what you are really asking me is about the company itself. Carbonite is located in Boston, MA and has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. If they were to have a policy of accessing their customer’s information, that would be the end of their business.

You asked if they can use your information… they probably can access it, although I would guess that the encryption key is not available to all employees. In fact, you can opt to store the key on your computer instead of on their system, but then if you lost the key, your data would be gone forever.

Would they access your files? I would say that it is highly unlikely.


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    • toldscot
    • April 1, 2011

    My nephew has been working for Carbonite in Boston for quite some time now – they and he are Very Reliable !!

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