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Dear Computer Lady,

I received your column and I love it!

I have had many questions cleared up for me from your advise.

My computer is good, but I have so many files that I do not want to lose. I do not know how to back up anything. People tell me to get a flash drive or an external hard drive. I am at a loss

Please help, You are a Godsend to many many people!

Thank you in advance, Ellen

Dear Ellen,

Thank you for your kind words.

You can backup in several ways, the best backup stragegy includes a local backup onto something like a USB drive, and a remote backup with a service like Carbonite or Mozy.

The reason for the two types is that you are protected both from hard drive failure, and things like fire, theft and destructive malware with the remote backup.

Now, lets say you have an external hard drive for backup and you are running Windows 10 on your computer. Here are the directions for setting up a backup.

1. Plug in your USB drive.

2. In Windows 10, click on the start button (looks like a white flag) and click on “Settings”, then “Update and Security” and “Backup” in the left column.

3. In the right side of the window, click “Add a drive” and windows 10 will search for and find your USB drive.

4. Click on the drive you want to use the the “Select A drive” section.

5. Now you can configure your backup by clicking on “More Options”.

6. Select how often you want the computer to backup, how long you want to keep the backups, then scroll down to the “Back up these folders” section.

7. Check the folders that are automatically included in your backup, and add or remove any folders you want.

8. Once you are happy with your settings, scroll back up near the top of the window and click “Back up now”.



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