Can I Upgrade My Old Laptop?

Hi, Computer Lady,

Years ago (when I had time) I loved to read your helpful hints and they really got me more computer savvy. Thank you for that.

I have gone through several computers in the last few years. Two HPs with cracked screens, Apples (that as a PC person, I could not adapt to), to name just a few. I’ve been looking at the new Microsoft Surface laptop (although I would miss having the keyboard – not a fan of the little detachable number key pads).

I have an old Sony that I think I purchased around 2014, that I loved and then they went out of business. I don’t know if it’s a crazy idea or if you do this sort of thing, although I’ve heard you are amazing with computers. So, I figured it never hurts to ask.

Is it crazy to think it might be possible to rebuild the old Sony. To put in a solid state drive, fix the CD/DVD player, add memory, increase the speaker volume and (may not be possible) keep the Adobe Photoshop which came with their bloatwear? Also it runs very hot and might need a new battery.

I realize it’s probably a crazy idea and I have no idea how much all that would cost (it’s possible), but it never hurts to ask, I hope.

Thanks for your time, Sally

Dear Sally,

I am so glad that my newsletters have helped you get more computer savvy!

I can do a lot with computers, but rebuilding your old Sony laptop is not really possible, or affordable.

Finding new parts, (including a motherboard, which it sounds like you would need to replace because of overheating) that would fit in the old sony case, is close to impossible, and if you were able to find parts, the cost for the upgrades you have listed would be two or three times what it would cost to purchase a new laptop. I can upgrade RAM, and install a solid state drive, but the optical drive would need to be replaced.

Instead, I would suggest you look at Lenovo laptops. They are probably closer to your old Sony than some of the other options you have tried.



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