Change MP3 to Text?

Dear Computer Lady,

Is there a program that changes an MP3 file to text? I have a lot of MP3 files and would like to read them rather than listen to them . I love your letter . It has helped me learn a LOT.



Dear Merle,

I am not aware of any programs that would change MP3 files to text, and I am guessing that there is probably not any direct or easy way to make this conversion. Here is why…

An MP3 file is a type of audio file. It takes sound waves and converts them into a digital file. When the file is read, it is converted back into sound waves and played on your speakers or headphones. If there are words in the sound waves, they are never recorded in the file as actual text, only the sound of the words is recorded.

A text file is a file that has digital codes for each keystroke you type on your computer. The text file does not know what the text sounds like, and it can only display it on your screen as text.

There is software that will take a text file and “read” it to you. This software has been programmed to know what each letter and word sounds like and with modern technology it does a pretty good job of reading text. Microsoft Narrator does a good job of reading text on your computer. YOu can find it in your program files under “Accessories” and then “Ease of Access”.

There is also speech recognition software that will take the words that you speak into a microphone and type what it “hears”. This type of software usually takes some training, and is prone to make mistakes.

At this point, the only sure way to make the conversion you are looking for is to hire a real human to transcribe the MP3 files.


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    • whitekat1964
    • July 30, 2009

    OR – you could find the lyrics on the web (there are quite a few websites that offer this), copy them, and paste as unformatted text into your preferred word processing software. My daughter is finding lyrics for songs all the time like this.

    • Carmel
    • July 30, 2009

    Hi Elizabeth,
    After Googling, I found there is a way for Merle to do this…although it may not be free!

    Convert mp3 to wav and there are wav to text convertors.

    Then wav to text convertors:

    And here’s some dialogue on a forum about other programmes and means:

    🙂 Carmel

    • skipscapn
    • July 31, 2009

    If it is songs you are listening to, there are many websites that have the lyrics for almost every song ever recorded. The easiest way to find the song you want is to type a single line of the song into google, and it will find the lyrics. From there you can print them out.

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