Computer Headaches

Dear Computer Lady,

I am having so much trouble with my computer. It constantly freezes up and will not respond at all for several minutes. And when it does respond sometimes it is so erratic I never know what will happen.

I was told that this is the fault of my internet provider. Is that true or is it my computer.

I do not want to spend money on a new PC if it is the provider or if the PC can be fixed? Can you help with any answers?

Thank You, Jean

Dear Jean,

While I can’t tell for sure without taking a look at your computer, I can give you some things to look for.

First, does your computer act this way all the time, or only when you are online?

If the computer is fine when you are playing a game, writing a letter, or using any program that does not require online access, but starts having these problems as soon as you go online, then the problem might be with your internet provider.

If you have other devices in your house that use the internet (like a tablet, laptop, or phone using wi-fi) and these work fine, then the problem is not with your internet provider.

How old is your computer? These days the average computer lasts about 5 years. If you have a 9 year old computer, it is probably time to replace it, while a younger computer can probably be rescued.

Before you spend the money on a new computer, take your computer to a local shop and have them diagnose it for you. This is something that I do for my customers all the time, and usually there are some good options that are less expensive than a new computer.



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