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Dear Computer Lady,

Would you please post directions on how to access past Ask the Computer Lady newsletter issues in the event of email problems.

I recently had problems receiving email on one of the days your newsletter came out, was never able to access my emails on that day and therefore could not read that week’s information.

Thank you – love your newsletters, they are very informative and useful. Grace

Dear Grace,

While there is no online archive of the actual newsletters, each article in the newsletters is on my website at:

When you go to this page, there is a list of categories on the left. If you scroll down to the bottom of the list, there is a small drop down list named, Archives. Click on the drop down list and select the month you are looking for.

A new page will load with all the articles for that particular month, and you can click in the heading for each article that you want to read.

This should help you get caught up.



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