Do I need Cleaner and Driver Update Programs?

Dear Computer Lady,

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I recently purchased a new Dell computer with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 with Word, Excel, Power Point and One Note.

I regularly get messages from Slim Cleaner Plus and Driver Update asking to scan the computer and take appropriate action. These software packages are from Slimware Utilities Holdings, Inc. and came preloaded. There is a charge for each service ($30 each per year). My question – are they necessary? I don’t believe they are, but hesitate to uninstall them. The Driver Update software does state that updates may be available free of charge from the various companies.

Please provide any information and/or your opinion on this matter.

Thank you for your time, Marilyn

Dear Marilyn,

No, these services are not necessary. In fact, these programs are examples of bloatware that come preloaded on new computers. When I set up new computers for my customers, I usually remove this type of bloatware.

The slim cleaner program just does clean up that you can do yourself in Windows, or have done when you bring your computer in for a tune-up. You can also download ccleaner at and use it free of charge.

The driver update software is also not necessary. Many drivers are automatically updated when doing a windows update, and you can manually check for them using Windows Update in the control panel.

I have been working on computers, fixing problems, and doing tune-ups for 20 years now, and problems caused by not updating drivers are few and far between.

It is perfectly safe to uninstall those programs.



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