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Dear Computer Lady,

I purchased new laptop with windows 10. I am having a problem with the font size – without touching anything on the computer (other than moving the mouse) the screen will get large or very small.

There is a small magnifying glass looking icon in upper right hand corner that I have to go to to have it “go back to default”.

Is there anyway to keep the size of contents on screen the same size. This is very annoying.

Thanks for your help. Phyllis

Dear Phyllis,

Are you using a mouse, or the touchpad on the laptop?

If you are using a mouse, you must be scrolling with the scroll wheel while you are using it. That would change the size of objects in a window. Move your fingers away from the scroll wheel and see if that makes a difference.

If you are using the touchpad, you might be using an area on the touchpad meant for scrolling. Usually this is along one edge of the touchpad. Try using the middle of the touchpad instead of the edges.

Those are only a couple of guesses as to what might be going on based on the information you have provided. I hope one of them helps you.



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