How To Copy & Paste Articles

Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you for all the lessons.
Since I got my new computer with Windows 7, I have had a problem copying and pasting certain items.
If I highlight an article in my email that has a picture in it (example your lessons with a sponsors ad or a picture of a task bar etc.), those items will not copy.
The best I can get is a dashed box with the corner squares and the two center squares the allow one to change sizes of the box. I cannot get the box to produce the original picture.
What can I do to rectify this?
Thanks so much.


Dear Eddie,

I often find that it is difficult to copy text and pictures at the same time. E-mail messages and websites seem to be the biggest problems.

Here is how I work my way around that problem.

First, I highlight the entire article, then copy it.

Next, I paste it into the program I am going to use the information in. It could be Word, or often a program that I like to use called, ClipMate.


At this point, I check and see if the pictures came along with the text, most of the time, it does not, so I find the place where the first picture goes, and then go back to my original email or web page.

To copy the picture, right click right on the picture, and then click “Copy” from the drop down menu.

Now, go to your destination, right click in the spot where the picture belongs, and click “Paste”.

Repeat the copy and paste for each picture that you want to include in your document.

When you have finished, save your document and you will have a copy to keep.


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