How To Copy & Paste Multiple Items

Dear Computer Lady,

Your weekly column and E-mails are great sources of information for me and I am grateful to have them. Perhaps you have addressed my question before, but I have not found it.

There are times when I want to go through a document and highlight information and put it on the clipboard without immediately using it. I would like to continue to copy information without each copy erasing prior entries.

Is there a way to do that in Windows 10?

Thanks, Kell

Dear Kell,

When you copy something in Windows, the item you copy stays on the clipboard until you copy something else, then it is replaced by the new item.

I have used a clipboard extender program called, Clipmate for years now, and it is absolutely the most used program on my computer.

Clipmate remembers every single thing that I copy on my computer and stores it all in a searchable database.

I can organize clips that I use often in folders for safe keeping, and quickly access them for things like blog posts, business receipts and newsletter templates.

In addition to saving clips, I use it to remove line breaks, add line breaks in the right spots, remove capitol letters, add then back in the right spot, and even spell check my writing.
Clipmate also allows me to copy multiple items one after the other, then either combine them into 1 clip, or paste then in new locations in the same or reverse order that I copied them in.

You can find ClipMate at:



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