How To Edit PDF Documents

Dear Computer Lady,

I have loved your newsletter for many years and found it so helpful, though am no way a senior citizen techie!

Recently you gave advice as to how to convert a docx document to a PDF format. Is the reverse possible so that I can edit a PDF document with the revisions wanted before the final “save”?? (I did try to download a freebie program to do such, but got into trouble which necessitated professional repair!)

I use Windows 7 and have Word 2007 installed. Also, I wonder if free upgrades are available for my Word 2007 edition and if they are safe from a Microsoft site??? Or do I need to buy the latest Word edition to accomplish my mission?

Thank you very much for your attention and I so appreciate any help that you can offer.

Blessings and peace, Shirl

Dear Shirl,

Editing a PDF document is not always possible, it depends on how the document was created in the first place, and what you have for software on your computer.

If the PDF document was created by scanning the original document, then it is most likely an image and not able to be edited no matter what type of program you have on your computer.

If the PDF document was created in a word processing program like Word, then you can edit it if you have the right program. Since PDF documents are actually adobe documents, you can edit them with Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat is not free, but since it is sold as a subscription, if you only have one or two documents that you need to edit, you should be able to purchase a one month subscription ($22 at and get the work done.



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