How To Paste One Item Repeatedly

Dear Computer Lady – – –

In making tutorials I sometimes need to put arrows pointing to several different objects.

The only way I know to do this is from the shapes menu is to click on the arrow and paste & use it – – –

After you click and use the arrow in one place – – to get an arrow in another place on the same item – I have to go back to the shapes menu and click the arrow again – – – and to put in the third arrow I have to do the same thing over again.

I asked ‘google’ how to load the clipboard so as to insert/paste/use one item multiple times – – – [what I get from Google is how to insert multiple items one at a time]

Would you please tell me how to load the clipboard in order to paste one single item multiple times?

Thank you very, very much. Kleo

Dear Kleo,

I am not sure what program you are using to put your shape in place, but since you are using your shapes menu in that program to place the arrow, you are not copying it onto the clipboard, just inserting it from the menu.

If you want to paste the same shape several times, try this method. After inserting your first arrow in the method described above, highlight that arrow on your document and copy it. You can use either “Edit” and “Copy” in the menu, or the Ctrl + C keyboard combination.

Once your arrow has been copied to the clipboard, you can paste it as many times as you want. It will remain on your clipboard until you copy something different.

You can paste the arrow using either the “Edit, Paste” menu or the “Ctrl + V” keyboard combination.



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