How to Print Parts of a page

Dear Computer Lady,

I print some e-mails for a hard copy to show others. I am irritated that the Yahoo Logo is also printed, which is a waste of ink. I get around this by copying and pasting to MS word. This is more time consuming than I like, and think that surely there is a better, easier way.

Do you have any Suggestions?

Thanks, Hugh B.


Dear Hugh,

You have asked a question that I get fairly often. Many people want to know how to print just part of the newsletter, or part of a web page. Since I find it quick and easy to copy and paste (especially with my clipmate program) I have not looked for an easier way.


Because of this, I am going to ask for help from your fellow readers.

If you have a suggestion for Hugh, and others who have asked this question, please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

You can also click here to Download a 30 trial of ClipMate and see if it works as well for you as it does for me.


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    • pjdeskin
    • October 7, 2010

    If Hugh is using Windows 7, copy and paste is really quicker and easier than ever. First of all, when you open Word, right click and choose “pin to task bar”. (I moved my task bar to the right side of my desktop for convenience.)
    Now when you need only a portion of something, just highlight what you want, right click and choose “copy”, click on Word that is now conveniently located in your task bar, and right click and choose “paste”. It is now quick and easy to print and not the chore that I always found it to be before Windows 7!!! You can even have them side-by-side….I dearly love Windows 7!!!!
    Hope this helps to make it easier for you, Hugh!!

    • Bex
    • October 7, 2010

    If all you want to do is delete the logo, you could forward the email back to yourself, and send it as text only (not HTML). This way the logo would not be on the forwarded message.

    • wallflower27986
    • October 7, 2010

    I highlight the part I want to print, click on the printer icon at the top, click on “selection” in the drop down box, then on “apply” and “print. Works for me.

    • LJ
    • October 7, 2010

    When I want to save something from the letter I just copy and paste it into a WordPad document.

    • snapshooter
    • October 7, 2010

    I use a small ‘”A Note” utility that keeps an icon in the System Tray. It produced a small bar that can be resized to your needs, and remains available (minimized) and waiting for the next addition.
    And of course, you can have as many running as you need.
    You can do everything right on the web page, and it remains narrow and unobtrusive along the right border, about the width of a scroll bar. Here’s the site link.

    • grandmajo37
    • October 7, 2010

    I just highlight the part I want to print and in the print box I mark the selection and it prints what I want.

    • grandmajo37
    • October 7, 2010

    Sorry, I forgot to mention after highlighting, I click on copy.

    • beverett7
    • October 7, 2010

    Hugh – Maybe this doesn’t exactly answer you, but, I only work on my e-mail on my computer using Outlook Express (I don’t even look at my e-mails on line). I print a lot of my e-mails from OE using draft mode and “print in gray scale only” to conserve ink. E-mails in OE do not have any of the “garbage” that they have on line. I’m sure any e-mail client like OE (such as Thunderbird) will do the same. If you’d rather not download e-mails to your computer, at least printing in draft mode and gray scale will help save ink.

    • babycakes0012
    • October 7, 2010

    Perhaps you have already heard of this but if I want to just print part of a page I perform the following: I highlight what I want to print, go up to file, click print and when the print menu appears, I select “print as selected” or “selection” and it just prints what I have highlighted. Sounds like it may be complicated but it is super easy. Good Luck.

    • Mriegle
    • October 8, 2010

    I made a “my computer tips” folder. I open my Word program and cut and paste the part of the newsletter I want to save into Word. I save it in the “my computer tips folder” with a title that alerts me to what the tip is about. It makes it very easy when I say..”now how did she say I could change my email options in Outlook?” I just go the folder and click “outlook email options” Saves lots of time to have Elizabeth right there in a file waiting to help you. 🙂

    • tommyp
    • October 9, 2010

    Hugh,I frequently use a free application called MWSnap.This progam allows you to cut out parts of what is displayed to the screen and paste or store it wherever you want.

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