How To Read Answers

Dear Computer Lady,

I tried to go to some of your archived questions, and when I got to your answers and the … I didn’t know how to generate the rest of your answer. 

Please tell how to do this.

Thanx, A

Dear A,

You must be talking about the list of questions and answers at:

where I have more than 250 questions archived. You can search for them by date, or categories, or use the google search box at the top of the page.

A list of questions will appear in the main part of the page with the title at the top, and the question followed by the words, “Read the rest of this entry…” If you want to read the entire question and answer, just click on either the title at the top of the question, or click on the words “Read the rest of this entry…” and you will be taken to a page with the entire question and answer.

You will also be able to read any comments that other readers have left about my answer.


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