How To Select Multiple Pictures

Dear Computer Lady,

I have read your newsletter for years and now I have a problem for which I know you will have an answer.

I wanted to highlight a lot of pictures to move them to a program, I started highlighting them on by one with my finger holding down the control button, however inevitably my computer starts to make copies of the highlighted jpg’s.

I know there was a way to avoid this happening but I can’t remember how to do it, can you help?,

Thank you for all your helpful newsletters, Mary

Dear Mary,

Usually this happens for one of two reasons.

1. You are moving the mouse ever so slightly when you click on the files.


2. You are still holding the Ctrl key down when you go to move the files.

In both cases, the same thing is happening. When you hold down the Ctrl key and drag a file, the computer automatically makes a copy of that file. So, in the first case, if you move the mouse while clicking, a copy is automatically made. You just need to concentrate on keeping a steady hand when selecting your files.

In the second case, all you need to do is remember to release the Ctrl key before moving your files.



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