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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Can you, please, tell me which Transfer Cable to buy? I went to Belkins web site, but it seems that they sell many different kinds !

I want to transfer all my ‘stuff’ from XP (I really don’t have much) to my Win 7 machine.

Also, could you please include a link at your website that will show me How To Transfer From One PC To Another.

Thanks for any help, Madison

Dear Madison,

Actually, I would not use a cable to transfer files from your old computer to the new one, I would use some sort of external storage device like a USB data stick or external hard drive. Not only are you not purchasing a piece of hardware that you will probably never use again (by the time you replace your new computer, the transfer cable will probably be outdated) but you will be able to use the data stick or hard drive to save files and backup your computer.

As far as how to transfer your files, it really depends on what you want to transfer.

For most things like your documents, pictures, music and favorites, you can refer to my recent article on how to backup your computer at:



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    • ailurophile
    • June 2, 2015

    You should have advised Madison that she cannot simply transfer her programs, that she’ll need to reinstall them on her new computer. Also, she should have been warned that some of her programs may not be compatible with Windows 7. She may be in for a surprise when she tries to open, say, a Word file, but Word isn’t installed on her new computer.

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