How To Turn Off Screen Saver

Dear Computer Lady,

Yesterday I went to a two-hour class with the subject being PC Cleanup. I have Windows ME and of course, that isn’t what the computers were that we were using.

I had asked the question “What should I do before running my ScanDisk to keep it from restarting over and over again?” I was told to turn off my Screen Saver. I went to Properties > ScreenSaver, but do not see where to turn it off. Can you help?


Dear Joann,

To turn off your screen saver, simply right click on a blank spot on your desktop, click “properties” in the shortcut menu that appears, and then click the “Screen Saver” tab in the “Display Properties” window.

Beneath the words “Screen Saver”, you will see the name of the screen saver you are currently using. If you click the small triangle to the right of your screen saver, there is a drop down list of the screen savers installed on your system.

At the top of that list, is “None”. By selecting “None” as your screensaver, you are turning the screen saver off. Once you have made your selection, click “OK” to save your changes.


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