How To Install Roxio Creator


 How To Install Roxio Creator 2009


Roxio Creator is a great program for burning CDs, and creating backups of your photos, music and data, but often, the task of installing such a program is intimidating for the average user. 

This tutorial will walk you through each step of installing Roxio Creator, and in future tutorials, you will learn how to perform basic tasks using Roxio Creator.

Let’s get started installing the program.

1. Insert the Roxio Creator 2009 CD in your CD ROM drive. If your program came on 2 disks, make sure it says, Installation DVD Disc 1.

Roxio Creator Install 1

2. After a few seconds, the CD will spin up and a small “AutoPlay” dialog box will appear asking you what you want to do with the disk. Click on “Run Setup.EXE” to start installing the program as shown here. 

3. Click the “Continue” button if the UAC dialog box appears, and wait while the setup program loads.

Roxio Creator Install 2

4. A setup window will appear. Click “Next” in the first screen. 

Roxio Creator Install 3

5. The license agreement will be displayed, read it carefully and then click the radio button to accept the  terms of the agreement and click the “Next” button. 

Roxio Creator Install 4

6. The next screen allows you to enter your name, organization, and serial number, which is found on the back of your CD case. Enter this information, and click on the “Next” button. 

Roxio Creator Install 5

7. The Install Location screen gives you the default location to install the program. Do not change this location unless you know what you are doing and have a good reason to. All you really need to do here, is click the “Next” button. 


Roxio Creator Install 6

8. You are now ready to install the Roxio Creator 2009 program. Click on the “Install” button to get started. 


Roxio Creator Install 7

9 Wait while the program insalls, you will be able to watch the progress bar as the setup program works.  Be patient while the program installs, it took almost a half hour on my computer.


Roxio Creator Install 8

10. When the installation is finished, you will see the setup window telling you that the setup wizard has completed successfully. Just click the “Finish” button to close the program, and then click the “Yes” button in the dialog box that appears to restart your computer.

                    Roxio Creator Install 9


11. When your computer has restarted, you will have an icon for Roxio Creator 2009 Ultimate on your desktop. 

Roxio Creator Install 10

You now have Roxio Creator 2009 installed on your computer. 

In future lessons, we will learn how to use the program.


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