Letters Jump Around When Typing

Dear Computer Lady,

When I’m typing a letter, I noticed that the letters jump back and finishes the sentence in the middle.

Why does it do that and how do I fix it? Annoying.

Thanks, Marlene

Dear Marlene,

This is probably my most frequently asked question. When I answer this question, it is also frequently disputed, probably because people don’t think that it can be quite that simple.

99% of the time, this problem is because you are accidentally brushing against the touchpad on your laptop and moving the cursor to a new point in the letter. This is why your typing is suddenly appearing in the middle of a sentence.

To see if this is what is happening, I would suggest you tape a piece of cardboard over the touchpad and then type as usual. If the problem stops, then you know that this was the cause. If not, then you probably need to get your computer checked out at a local computer repair shop.

If the cardboard solves the problem, you can either leave it in place when typing, or some computers allow you to disable the touchpad.


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