My Cursor Has A Mind Of It’s Own

Dear Computer Lady,

I’m becoming very frustrated, because my cursor has a mind of its own and jumps around while I type….HELP!!!!


Dear Hugh,

This is probably the most commonly asked question I get asked, and when I start to answer it, people usually try to argue with me saying that I am wrong, but I have not had a person come back yet and show that I was wrong.

While you are typing, your hands are going over the touchpad on your laptop to touch the letter keys. When this happens, the touchpad detects movement either because your palms brush against the touchpad, or if the touchpad is really sensitive, it just detects the motion.

When the touchpad detects movement, it moves the cursor on your screen.

To test and see if this is what is happening on your computer, tape a small piece of cardboard, (or one of those credit cards from the offers that come in the mail) over the touchpad and start typing. I’m willing to bet the cursor will stay where you want it.



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