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Dear Computer Lady,

I’ve got Windows XP. I like to transfer parts of documents from WORD (which I’ve highlighted and changed) into powerpoint, but have found that I have to always copy and then in PPT select “Paste Special” in order to keep the same format of my changes. I’d like to just insert my work straight into a powerpoint presentation. Is there an easier way?



Dear Robbie,

Yes, there is an easier way, just use a keyboard shortcut for “Paste Special”.

You can do many common tasks in Power Point, and many other programs using keyboard shortcuts. This makes your work faster and easier.

Once you highlight your text in Word, you can copy the text using the Ctrl + C keyboard combination (hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and press the letter C)

In your Power Point presentation, click where you want the text to go, and use the keyboard combination for paste special which is, Ctrl+Alt+V

While holding down the Ctrl and ALT keys, tap the letter V.

I hope this helps your work go more smoothly.


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    • seamstress101
    • September 28, 2009

    I tried what you said and it’s not working. I went online and read some shortcut tricks and found out under shortcut menus I don’t have paste special in there. From what I read, I might have to download an add-in to make this work. Is this safe?


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