Rename a Folder

Dear Computer Lady,

Your Letter each week is soooo informative . Thank you for all your help!

I have a question, I have XP and when I name a folder and then decide to change it, How do I do that?

Thank You, Carol


Dear Carol,

There are several ways you can change the name of a folder, and these methods work in all versions of Windows.

1. Right click on the folder and from the list that drops down, click on “Rename”. Type the new name for the folder and press enter.

2. Click once on the name of the folder, wait one second and click again. The name will change to blue highlighted text in a box. Type your new name and click anywhere in the window.

3. Click once on the folder and press the F2 key. (The function keys are in the very top row of your keyboard) This highlights the name of your folder and you may type the new name and press enter.


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