Switching From A PC To A MAC

Dear Computer Lady,

I am currently using an HP Pavilion a 6857 (Windows Vista)
that I purchased from COSTCO in 2009. I still use Quicken, Microsoft Works and Hallmark programs.

My grandson keeps telling me to upgrade to a MAC since it is Virus free and much more user friendly.

My printer and label maker is compatible to my PC would I have to buy new printers for the new MAC?

The MAC’s are rather expensive and I hate to invest then find out that I have to buy all new printers.


Dear Daria,

There are actually several things for you to consider before switching from a PC to A MAC.

First, MACs are not virus free. There are fewer viruses written for MACs than for PCs, but I know of several instances where MAC computers have recently become infected.

Next, take a look at the programs you are running on your current computer. Microsoft Works will not run on a MAC or a PC since Microsoft has discontinued it. It looks like there is a Quicken and Hallmark Card Studio program available for the Mac. You will have to purchase those programs.

As for the printer and label maker, you will have to check the manufacturer’s website to see not only if they have MAC software available, but to see if there is Windows 10 software. You might have to replace the printer and label maker no matter what kind of computer you buy.



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    • anetherton
    • January 24, 2017

    Another thing to remember is that if you are a Windows user, migrating to a Mac can be a daunting task, as many things are very different. Your “smart” kid is just doing the Mac arrogance thing.
    You can easily (and not too expensively) get Windows 10 for your computer. At the store where you buy Win 10, they may be willing to install it for you and migrate all your stuff.
    Macs are far from trouble free, far from user friendly (some consider them a “geek” computer), and for an older person used to Windows, I would stay with Windows. Win 10 will be very similar in use to Vista, and will run the same programs. It is very secure, and if you run even a free anti-virus program, or the one that comes with Win 10, you will be as safe as a Mac, maybe safer.

    The ONLY reason there are not so many (and, yes, there ARE viruses for Macs, nasty ones!) viruses for Macs is there are not many Mac users; Windows makes up over 90% of computer users, followed by Mac at less than 10% – it is the old adage “the nail that sticks up gets pounded down”.
    If you need a new computer (your old one may run Win 10 just fine – my Vista machine does), just go with a Win 10 machine and transfer all your stuff to it – remember you will need the install disks for all programs you have bought!

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