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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I am having a problem with the volume on my computer. I have an HP with Windows 7 Home premium.

I don’t keep the volume on because I am mostly reading e-mails or doing spreadsheets. But when I do need the volume when people send me things I turn it up but it never seems to be loud enough no matter how high I set it.

I am wondering if there is something that has gotten messed up.

Any help will be appreciated. Your newsletter is always so helpful.


Dear Helen,

There are a few places where you can adjust your volume, and if one of those locations is turned down, it will make your volume low.

1. Check the volume knob on your speakers.

2. Check the volume slider in your system tray. This is usually located in the lower-right corner of your computer screen. Click on the speaker icon, and slide the control up to turn up your sound.

3. Check the volume control in the program your are running. If you are watching an online video, move your mouse over the top of the video, and some controls will appear. One of the controls will be a volume icon. You can adjust this the same way as the volume slider in your system tray.



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    • Rhino
    • March 31, 2014

    Hmmm, I too have a volume issue. The box I use originally had XP on it. The sound then was fine. However I upgraded to Win 7 by wiping the hard disk and installing fresh, rather than try and upgrade over a well used XP volume.

    And, despite latest updates of the soundcard software (drivers) the sound is nowhere near the volume it used to be. Same speakers, headphones etc. Only thing that has changed is the operating system and the current drivers for the soundcard… i.e. Win 7 Home Premium.

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