What is Notepad & Clipboard?

Dear Computer Lady,

Are the clip board and Note Pad the same? I see the note pad on my list of programs but not the clipboard.

Thanks so much, Theresa

Dear Theresa,

No, the clipboard and Notepad are not the same thing.

Notepad is a very basic text viewing and editing program. Notepad does not store formatting information about text like bold or underlined, only unformatted text can be viewed or edited in Notepad.

The clipboard is a temporary storage area for information that you have copied from one location on your computer and plan to use in another location on your computer. Any time that you select text or graphics and then use the “Copy” or “Cut” commands, you move that text or graphics to the clipboard where they will be stored until you use the “Paste” command, or you cut or copy another selection.


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