What to do with old notebook

Dear Computer Lady,

Thanks for all the hints in the Sentinel every week.

One question, I recently purchased a new HP Notebook.

I have the old Toshiba notebook which is 7 years old.
What do I do with it. All the docs and pix have been transferred that I want.

Thanks, Jack

Dear Jack,

Before you dispose of your old notebook, you need to know that your docs and pictures are probably still on that old computer.

When a computer shop transfers your files, they actually copy the files from the old computer and put that copy on the new computer. They don’t remove the files from the old computer.

Because of this, what you need to do before you get rid of the old computer is to either remove the hard drive (which contains your information) from the old notebook, or have the hard drive securely erased.

Once you have secured your personal information, you can probably take the drive to a local office supply store. Most of them will recycle your old technology products.



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    • ailurophile
    • October 30, 2017

    Another option is to convert the old hard drive into an external one, and use it for back ups and extra storage. An adapter kit can be found at Best Buy or Fry’s for only a few dollars. Bring the hard drive with you when you shop. Some laptop drives do not have standard fittings, I’ve found. External kits can be powered by AC or USB.

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