When To Log Off My Computer

Dear Computer Lady,

As a new patron, not very computer savvy, and the only user of my desktop, can I remain logged in all the time or should I log off each time?


Dear Sidney,

First of all, thank you for your patronage! Your support means that I can devote more time to answering questions like yours.

Since you are the only user of your computer, you should be able to stay logged in all the time. Here are some things to consider when making that decision.

1. Staying logged in means that anyone with physical access to your computer can use it. If you live alone, that is not an issue, but you might want to remember to turn the computer off if you have people in the house like cleaners or workers.

2. Even though you can stay logged in all the time, it is still beneficial for your computer if you shut it down and restart it once every day or two. This gives your computer a chance to do some behind the scenes cleaning up and refreshes the operating system. It also is often needed when installing updates.

I would plan on turning the computer on when you first use it in the morning, then keep it on until you use it for the last time that day. When you are done for the day, simply shut your computer down. This will result in a longer life with less problems for your computer.



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