Will A Chromebook Replace My PC?

Dear Computer Lady,

I find your emails very interesting.

My 12 year old computer (WinXP) is about shot, and I am thinking of buying a Chromebook laptop. I understand they are very good. Would you mind expounding on them a little?

Thanks, Barbra

Dear Barbra,

If you only use your computer for email and the internet, a Chromebook will be a good choice for you.

You can also create and save some documents using the online Google Docs applications, but you will not be able to install and use office applications like Word.

You will be able to play online games on your chromebook, but you will not be able to install and play games like you do on a Windows PC.

You can use online bookkeeping applications like Quickbooks online, or freshbooks, but you will not be able to install bookkeeping applications on your computer like Quickbooks.

I hope this helps you decide which type of computer will work for you.



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