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Dear Computer Lady,

I have a photo program Picasa 3 on my 2 computers that I upload my photos to. Lately, I have not been able to upload any photos to either computer. It does not recognize that the camera is plugged into the computer. This is after years of doing the same thing. I am stumped. My husband who is pretty computer savvy is stumped also. Any suggestions would be very helpful! Thank you so much.



Dear Estelle,

It sounds like the problem is not with your photo program, but probably with your camera, or the connection between the camera and the computer.

The first thing I would try, would be to hook your camera up to a different computer. Perhaps one belonging to a friend or relative. If the camera is not recognized, you will know that the problem is either with the camera, or the cable between the camera and the computer.

You can always try a different cable if you have one, but an even easier solution would be to get a card reader for the type of storage card that your camera uses, then take the card out of your camera, plug it into the card reader and upload your photos from there. This should work even if there is a problem with the camera.

If your camera works when you connect it to a different computer, you will know that the problem is with your computer and not the camera.


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    • RobertWS
    • November 5, 2009

    I had a similar problem with Picasa 3. It occurred after a McAfee update to my security system which is a part of AOL. I did a system restore to a point before the update and all was well again. I removed McAfee as my security system and put in AVG antivirus plus Windows firewall. No problems so far with camera downloading.

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