The Official Way To Get Photos From Your Camera in Windows 10

Dear Computer Lady,

I am in need of getting photos off my camera’s card. I have previously
used Picasa with success but since I got a new computer I am not able to
do this.

I want to print pictures so that I can make a collage. Any
suggestions of a program that is easy for someone who is not good with

I faithfully read your newsletter every time I get it. Any help would
be greatly appreciated.

Juanita in Iowa

Dear Juanita,

Windows 10 includes a built in function for importing photos from your camera or phone. Just follow these directions:

1. Insert your camera card, or usb cable. If using the camera connected by a cable, make sure the camera is turned on.

2. Once your device is connected, open File Explorer and click on “This PC” in the left column. You should see your camera or camera card listed under “Devices and Drives”.

3. Right-click on your camera or card, then click on “Import pictures and videos” in the context menu that appears.

4. The “Import pictures and videos” wizard will begin. Follow the prompts to select your pictures, then click the “Import” button to begin the process of importing.

When your pictures have been imported, you will be able to see them on your computer using File Explorer.

You can then view and print them using File Explorer or another photos app. I like to use the free program, Irfanview to make changes to my photos, but it is not the best for printing. You might want to go to and look at the available imaging apps there. has some good printing options.



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