Transferring Movies from Camera

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a Sony digital camera and use the Sony picture software.

Recently, I took movies of my grandson’s band and some still photos. When I transferred them to my computer, only the still photos transferred. The movies are gone off the camera card.

This week I filmed his band again and I hesitate to try to transfer them again because I don’t want to lose them.

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong? Janet

Dear Janet,

It sounds like one of two things might be happening.

Either Windows is moving the movies into your Video folder, or your sony picture software doesn’t view the movies.

When you use the Windows transfer wizard to transfer your photos from a camera to your Windows 7 computer, Windows 7 will usually transfer video files into the “Videos” folder.

To check and see if this is where your files went, click on the “Start” button, then click on “Documents” and then click on “Videos” in the left column.

If you don’t find them there, check in your “Pictures” folder, but don’t use the Sony Picture software. Just click on the “Start” button, then click “Pictures” and find the folder that contains the other pictures from your camera card.



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