Free Image Editing Programs

Dear Computer Lady, A friend suggested I install Infranview to edit pictures. When I Google Infranview… all that comes up is IRFANVIEW. This friend sent me a link to her picture editing program and it definitely show Infranview but this page shows a list of “sponsors” for editing pictures. Whether I try to download Infranview […]

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Reduce Photo Size

  Dear Computer Lady, A friend of mine gave me as a gift, a cd full of wonderful photos she had taken of a very special occasion I was involved in. I finally managed to download a program so that I could see them, but when I try to send the photos to anyone, (even […]

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Print The Screen

Dear Elizabeth, I have enjoyed your service for a long time and often find your answers useful.  However, I have never seen you answer this one (although I’m sure you must have answered it at some time).  I would like to print the screen in one of my e-mail folders in Outlook Express.  I remember […]

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